Trainer of the Month: Jeana Anderson Cohen

Trainer of the Month: Jeana Anderson Cohen

By: Akm 01/11/16 Blog

The Trainer of the Month is: Jeana Anderson Cohen

1. Training philosophy:

Give my classes the hardest class that they can handle on any given day. That means – in a large group – making things scalable enough and challenging enough to meet everyone’s needs.

2. What keeps you motivated:

I’m hyper competitive, so I feed off the energy around me. I like having someone faster and better nearby so that I can try to improve or even beat him or her.

3. Favorite Exercise:

I have some favorites, but my FAVORITE thing is to find at least one new thing to do in every single class I lead. Also burpees. Can’t forget burpees.

4. Favorite Cheat Food / Restaurant:

Anything chocolate. I’m not talking chocolate avocado pudding. I mean a seriously good chocolate bar. I always have one in the freezer.

5. Favorite Healthy Food on the Go:

I keep an “emergency snack” in my purse or gym bag, usually a protein bar. My current favorite is ProBar Chocolate peanut butter.

6. Fitness Goal:

 3, 6-minute miles back-to-back.

7. What do you never forget to bring with you to the gym?

A positive attitude, a good pair of Nike training shoes and a buddy. Everything is better with friends.

8. Motivational Quote or saying:

I start a lot of sentences with “in life and in fitness” because I see a lot of parallels between the work one puts in at the gym and then effort one puts towards all things that matter. Truly, the effort put in inside of the walls of CTF mirror the effort put towards everything else. Be ferocious.

9. Fun Fact about you:

I was on the Obama campaign in 2008 and I lived in a bed and breakfast in Michigan for a few months.

10. Spotify Link to your favorite playlist right now:

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