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What Should Be in Your Protein Shake?

What Should Be in Your Protein Shake?

By: Akm 03/08/15 Personal Training, Trainer Tips

Chicago Gym Protein Shake Confidential

Step 1: Attend a high intensity interval workout or Chicago personal training session at CrossTown Fitness.

Step 2: Enjoy a frosty, refreshing protein shake or smoothie. Not a bad way to finish off a workout, right? What you consume after exercising has a powerful impact on the results of your workout and how your muscles recover from all of that strength and cardio. One of the things that makes CTF the best Chicago gym is the variety of protein shakes and other healthy snacks you can enjoy immediately post-workout. Simply jot down your order at the front desk before your workout, and you’ll have a delicious shake to help you cool off, hydrate and build your muscles.

If you would like to make your own protein shake at home, however, you’ll need the proper essentials.

Protein Powder
There are a few different types of protein powder from which you can choose. The protein you select will vary depending on your overall fitness goals.

Whey Protein: This is definitely the most popular of all the proteins, and its benefits include improving muscle growth, triggering fat loss and promoting healthy metabolism.

Soy Protein: Soy is a plant-based protein that aids in muscle recovery, boosts your body’s immune function and may even encourage bone health.

Casein Protein: This protein powder offers results similar to that of whey protein. The only difference is in the way the casein powder is digested. It takes longer for your body to digest casein than whey, which makes the casein powder a great choice for a bedtime snack.

Pea Protein: Much like soy, this is a plant-based protein, making it a popular choice among vegans and vegetarians.

Milk or Yogurt
To create that creamy consistency of a shake, you’ll want to add milk. For a lower caloric option, substitute almond or soy milk. If you would like your shake or smoothie to be a bit thicker, try throwing in some Greek yogurt for some added protein.

Amp up the nutritional value of your smoothie as well as the flavor by adding some of your favorite fruits. From mangos and pineapples to strawberries and bananas, you really can’t go wrong with whatever fruit you add. Plus, bananas work as a tasty thickening agent.

Once you’ve chosen your protein powder and your ingredients of choice, toss in some ice and blend!

Other add-ins to try:

• Coconut water
• Flax seed oil
• Peanut butter
• Juice
• Honey
• Kale
• Spinach

Pssst…There are other ways to consume protein, too! Protein powder can be baked into muffins, breads and pancakes or cooked into burgers, pasta and even pizza! Getting creative with your protein helps keep your diet interesting, healthy and delicious.

Come on over to our West Loop gym or Lakeview Gym and give one of our protein smoothies a try!

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