West Loop Personal Trainer of the Month – January

Meet Samantha Swansen   What is your training philosophy?  “VARIETY is the spice” Your body likes to be challenged in different ways. The goal is to build body awareness and listen to what your body wants and needs. What keeps you motivated through your workouts? The great feeling of a challenge, others to workout with […]

December Member on the Move: Monique Volz

What do you do from 9 to 5? Monique Volz the founder of Ambitious Kitchen, a healthy, balanced recipe and wellness blog. I also recently co-founded a healthy living community called the The Healthy Glow Collective (or, HealthyGlow.Co as we like to call it), which is launching late December 2016. My passion is essentially helping […]

Member on the Move: Julie Muczynski

Meet Julie Muczynski What do you do 9-5? I don’t have a typical 9-5 work schedule. I’m a makeup artist for ABC7 News so my work hours are 2am-11am. I love my job! I’ve worked with a lot of really amazing people and I’m always well informed about world affairs. Making people look pretty for TV is […]

Tips for Dealing with Your In-Laws This Holiday Season

Dealing with Your In-Laws – Your friends invited you to go out to the newest bar in the West Loop this Friday, but ohhh it looks like you’ll have to pass because … your in-laws are in town! They’re family and you love them, but between the various dinners, holiday parties and other family oriented […]